Give your feet a break this summer…

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Give your feet a break this summer…

With many people already planning their summer holidays, it’s important to highlight the importance of choosing the right footwear.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live, College of Podiatry consultant Matthew Fitzpatrick warned about the need to be sensible when it comes to picking out footwear for the day ahead.

He said it’s all about wearing what you want in moderation, such as flip flops, which have been recently linked to a number of foot problems such as inflamed tendons and even shin and joint pains.

To avoid any potential problems with your feet whilst on holiday and when you comeback, our advice would be to wear flip flops in moderation.

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “You wouldn’t wear your flip flops all day around London but you might for a little walk around the beach when on holiday in Alicante.”

“Let’s be sensible and let’s vary our footwear,” he added. “Let’s be pragmatic with the choice that we make but maybe not wear the whole thing all day”.

Flip flops don’t offer any structural support to your feet. There is no arch support or tight fitting support, while rubbing can be caused from extended periods of time.

We can often see a range of conditions, such as blisters, viral infections, bad posture, shooting pains and athlete’s foot, but it’s important to reassure people that they can still wear their summer shoes, but it needs to be done in moderation.


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