Risks associated with medicated corn pads

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Risks associated with medicated corn pads

Every day, people all over the UK and other countries around the World have problems with corns and calluses.  Corns and callus are caused by both friction and compression on the skin.  When the skin is put under too much pressure, it thickens in order to protect itself from damage.  As a result of this thickening, corns and calluses often form and become painful.  There are currently two main recognised treatments for corns.  These are: Enucleation of the corn with the use of a scalpel blade  (the skin is dead and has no feeling) and alleviating pressure from the affected areas.

Pressure can come from any number of things such as body weight, tight fitting shoes that rub the skin, or foot structure impacting the way someone walks.

When you attend a Podiatrist, the corn or callus will usually be removed with the use of a blade and advice will be given.  This may be to change shoes or wear a corn pad, which is a soft silicone or fabric doughnut that patients wear over the corn to protect the skin from further damage and thus the corn should not re-occur.

At present, pharmaceutical companies such as Boots, Morrisons and other small businesses all over the UK are selling corn plasters that are medicated.  The medication that is used on these corn pads is Salicylic acid.  This is the same chemical used for the treatment of Verrucae and Warts.  It does not understand the difference between a corn and healthy skin and will react with whatever it comes in contact with.  When salicylic acid is applied to skin, it causes the skin to become macerated and moist which breaks the skin structure down.  The problem with this is that will ultimately cause a wound or ulcer which can lead to infection.  This is particularly a problem for people who have other health problems such as diabetes or poor circulation.

At the Foot Clinic, our Podiatrists have over 1000 clinical hours training on the NHS and are trained to the highest possible standard to treat any problems that may arise from the use of these medicated corn pads.

The best option would be to avoid medicated corn pads altogether.  These pose a high risk to people when there are much safer, effective alternatives.  If you do however, have any problems that have arisen from the use of corn pads or any other kind of foot related issues, then please give us a call on 01355 377377 and see one of our Podiatrists in a friendly, professional and knowledgeable setting who can advise you on the best treatment options available.

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