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Easing the pain of bunions

Bunions develop when the bone or tissue at the bottom of the big toe moves out of place, this can be caused by years spent wearing ill-fitting shoes or abnormal movement putting pressure on the joint. This forces the big toe to bend awkwardly towards the others, which often causes the characteristic lump on the joint.
Bunions can be painful and irritating for anyone that suffers with them, making most things more difficult than they should be. When walking, pressure on the big toe, which carries a large amount of weight, extremely painful uncomfortable.

At The Foot Clinic in East Kilbride, we can help people in these situations who are looking to ease their pain from bunions before they advance to a stage where surgery is unavoidable.

Going to visit a podiatrist may not be a pleasant experience, as many people are uncomfortable with anyone else touching their feet, here at the Foot Clinic we understand that there may be a feeling of anxiety but early intervention by us may prevent a surgical procedure later down the line.

How will a visit to The Foot Clinic help?

Footwear advice

It is far more common for women to develop bunions than men, which is thought to be largely down to shoes such as stilettos putting pressure on the wrong parts of your feet. We can advise you on the best shoes to wear to prevent your bunions from getting any worse, and if need be, we can also prescribe insoles to help take pressure away from the vulnerable areas.
As people get older, having the right shoes to support your feet in the appropriate places becomes more important, stiffer joints and conditions like arthritis can make bunions exceptionally painful. Although realistically, bunions won’t go away without surgical treatment. Having proper advice and Podiatric treatment just now can reduce any pain and suffering you may have just now.

Non-surgical treatment

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your chance of developing bunions or stop them from getting worse. Trying to keep your weight down to a healthy range will reduce the amount of pressure you are putting on all of your bones and joints, including those in your feet.

At the Foot Clinic, we would advise that you wear something to protect the bunion from further irritation such as a gel-filled pad, as well as giving you shoe inserts to help to put your foot in an appropriate position.

If you have a recurring sore feet, the best solution to dealing with it, is to contact The Foot Clinic. We can diagnose and treat your sore feet at a reasonable price and appointments can be arranged on the day of your contacting us.

Contact or telephone us at 01355 377377.

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